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Italian trailer of ‘Dog Days’ released

The movie arrives in theaters on September 13, 2018.

Becky will be returning as a member of the ‘xXx 4’ cast!

While news that xXx 4 was a sure thing broke a few months ago, there hadn’t been much detail on who would or wouldn’t be returning as members of the of the cast beyond Vin Diesel returning as Xander Cage.

In a collection of bathing suit Instagram pictures, Nina Dobrev broke the news that she would be returning for the production of xXx 4 as Becky Clearidge. Nina’s character coined by fans as “Becky the techy/techie” in the comments was the nerd and tech expert for Xander Cage’s team.

The cast start shooting the movie on November 26, 2018. Let’s hope for more news soon!

On the set of ‘Dog Days’

On the set of ‘Dog Days’

Nina just recently finished filming ‘Lucky Day‘ and is now back on the set of ‘Dog Days‘. Dobrev is filming alongside Finn Wolfhard, Vanessa Hudgens and Eva Longoria. I’ve added two photos to the gallery.

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