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What is Nina Dobrev’s favorite workout (it’s not what you would expect)

What is Nina Dobrev’s favorite workout (it’s not what you would expect)
For most of us, living a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done — especially when we’re busy preparing for total world domination (only half joking, here). So when a fellow #boss with an equally jam-packed schedule manages to prioritize eating well, self-care, and working out, naturally, we want to know all her tricks.
Which is why we couldn’t wait to sit down with actress Nina Dobrev to learn how she finds the time to film two movies (simultaneously, mind you), travel the world for business and pleasure, and partner with Reebok and LES MILLS as a brand ambassador — all while living her best (and healthiest) life.
“Last week, I flew back and forth between L.A. and Canada three times,” says Dobrev. “I obviously didn’t work out every single day, but the key is to try to carve out time for yourself — even if it’s just 30 minutes.” So whether you’ve had a long, taxing workweek or your travels put a damper on your motivation (we feel you), read on for Dobrev’s tips, and learn how to kick those excuses to the curb, for good.
First, tell us about your overall approach to health and wellness; do you have a fitness philosophy that you try to abide by?
“To be honest, it fluctuates a lot since my schedule is so crazy. A few months ago when I was in L.A., I was able to keep up a much more regimented schedule. I had the time to make my favorite shake and walk my dog every day — I felt so much healthier. Now I’m filming two movies, so my biggest challenge is finding structure and balance in all the chaos.”
With such a hectic travel schedule, how do you find the time to keep up a fitness routine?
“It sounds simple, but I really just try to prioritize exercise. Everyone has stressful days — including me — but finding that 30 minutes every day to get your endorphins going is important. Even a short workout session gives me so much energy and provides me with the fuel that I need for the day ahead.”
What types of workouts do you gravitate to? Do you have a go-to when you’re traveling?
“I absolutely love LES MILLS workouts because they have everything from yoga to HIIT to boxing — and I can do them online from wherever I am. The 30-minute LES MILLS GRIT class is super quick, but it will kick your ass — it’s definitely the most bang for your buck.”
What kind of workout gear do you wear during your sweat sessions?
“I love a great pair of high-waisted leggings with some cool kicks and a crop top. Or anything that’s both breathable and casual enough to run errands in after my workout.”

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